Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome Blogshop owners & buyers. MilkcanLiveWire was created by Max on 26th Aug 08 to allow all Blogshop owners and buyers to come together under one roof every Fri 9pm-1am and Sunday 8pm-12am. On these 2 sessions, U can talk to anyone here, get help, network, exchange merchandise, or do fast-sales! But pls do not advertise here. We urge everyone to come down here on these 2 nites to participate. Should u have any comments or suggestions, pls feel free to type a few words. Happy Chatting Everyone!
NEW GA-CHAT Nites every SAT 8pm for those Capsule Toys lovers! Debut on 27th Sep 08! Together we make friends, together we "DONG" ^_^